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Why would I get a loan from you?

Our qualification process is relative simple, fast, fully transparent, and all online.

To apply for a loan, signup here as a Sponsor to get started and let us show you how we can be a partner and help expand your rental business..

You will be asked a few qualification questions about your investment property opportunity.

It only takes about a few minutes. From there we make it incredibly easy to finish a full application in approximately 20 minutes by answering a few more questions and uploading your documentation and signing a credit authorization form and if everything checks out, you will often be one of our many successful closing.


When is the rate determined?

Our simple prequalification only takes about only a few minutes and you get your customized rate immediately. These aren’t teaser rates, this is actual a range of rates that you will get if all of the basic information you’ve provided on the application can be certified as true and accurate during the underwriting process.

We are all about transparency, so should any of your information change during the process, we’ll simply adjust your new rate and let you know what the new rate is.


What are the closing timelines?

Timing to close will vary depending on the terms of the individual loan however; we strive to close all loans in under 30 days. We will fund loans as soon as humanly possible once we have received all of your information, been able to perform a valuation of the home, and verified documentation. The sooner you provide us with the needed information, the sooner the checks are written and we close.


What are the loan products offered?

Landlord Lenders offers a several programs today including Rental Portfolio Loans, Bridge Loans, and Individual Property Investor Loans.

Today, our programs focus primarily on property investors who need financing either for a home they intend to re-sell or buy to rent for a stabilized rental income.

We’re one of the largest bridge lenders nationally and are innovating the single-asset Rental Loans for owners of cash-flowing rental properties on a Nationwide basis.


I’m not sure if I qualify for your loan products?

Well, take a few minutes and we’ll give you estimated rates after just a few short questions. If anything you told us during the qualification process, we’ll do our best to let you know exactly what makes you not qualify.


What states are you lending in?

Landlord Lenders will consider loans in all of the USA.


What is the documentation like?

As soon as you finish your prequalification, we’ll generate a custom checklist of the minimum amount of information you need to provide to us. If you have everything ready, you can be done in about 25 minutes. If not, you can always come back later and finish any remaining elements.

Our goal is to minimize work for you and maximize ease.


What makes your technology work?

Our technology makes the process easy in a number of ways. We’re able to give your personalized estimated rate within minutes. We build you a simple customized checklist of items you need to provide us to.

We keep you posted electronically of all activity on your loan, in real-time, as it happens from underwriting.

When you need help, click on button and we’ll notify your loan specialist will be notified to call you back ASAP. If there’s anything we need from you, will update you every day with any outstanding items necessary.

Our streamlined process that we’ve reinvented from the ground up lets you close in fast.


Are you an all automated system or when can I speak with a concierge agent?

Absolutely you can talk to someone. Your dedicated Landlord Lenders Loan Specialist is standing by to help. In fact, they are one-click away on the borrower dashboard. Just click to request a call, and we’ll send them an email and a text message to their cell phone letting them know you need assistance.

We believe the best customer experiences are simple, intuitive, and self-serve but wrap that technology around amazing people who are here to solve for you and get to “yes”. We’ve built an amazing team and culture to help you with this very special life event of home ownership. Consider us your partner in the transaction.


What are the fees involved?

We do our best to minimize fees at every step along the way but, the loan process is never free and there could be costs, depending on which program is selected, at application and closing.

Application fees are applicable on some loan programs and are structured as a non-refundable deposit on the actual 3rd party costs we incur to underwrite your loan.

If you decide you want to withdraw from the process, we’re happy to do a partial refund of anything remaining on the account. If we’ve spent more than what you gave us, we will not go after you for the difference.  We will chalk it up as a loss.

Closing fees vary by loan program and the trading of rate vs. fees as part of your choice as a customer. These are net-funded at closing. That means, for example, if you have $2,000 in fees to close on a $200,000 loan, you will be given $198,000 at closing where we keep the difference as our fee. No need to pay us or do anything complicated. It’s all taken care of. As soon as you get your rate, you’ll know what to expect from your fees.


What is the status of my application?

One of the most exciting features of Landlord Lenders is your Loan Dashboard. We designed your Loan Dashboard so there are no surprises: when we know something, you know too. Watch your loan as it goes through our process flow. See pending information requests, complete your borrower checklist, upload documents directly, chat with your Relationship Manager and more.


Who makes the decisions in my loan application?

You do not have to wait for others. We are a direct lender. That means you get a mortgage from us in predictable, reliable fashion as you would expect. We handle everything with our downstream investors so you don’t have to worry about it.

Only in very rare cases where a borrower asks for a loan far outside our normal credit parameters may we require an extended period of time to ensure investor commitment.


What happens if I am denied for a loan?

If your loan, credit, or home parameters don’t match up with our requirements and we have to deny credit, we will work creatively to pose a counter-offer if we can. That may mean taking a lower loan amount in a way that lowers risk and is a match for our credit box.

If there’s no way to make the loan work, we’ll tell you very quickly, transparently, and reliably why not.


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