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Whois Landlord Lenders?

Landlord Lenders develops technology and has reimaged the traditional mortgage investor mortgage process as a uniform, fast, and transparent marketplace for all parties in a real estate transaction…



How does Landlord Lenders work?

Landlord Lenders is not complicated. Sponsors apply for mortgage loans through a simple online interface that can be financed in a streamline process to qualified investors. Sponsors will then be selected by investors then electronically purchase loans closed by Landlord Lenders for the attractive cash flows (DSCR) the property provides. We are the leading lender an market maker that handles all aspects of the mortgage transactions from first borrower contact to last mortgage servicing payment release.



Are you regulated by a bank?

Most simply, we are a direct lender with a marketplace of investors who buy our loans.

Landlord Lenders is not a bank in the traditional sense we never take a deposits from anyone, are not insured b y the FDIC and do not have any retail branches. Technically, we are a licensed mortgage banker as regulated by the NMLS as a state-by-state per compliance requirement.




I don’t understand…Who is Landlord Lenders?

We are a team of entrepreneurs across the Nation, from a variety of backgrounds that have a common goal in order to reimagine investor SFR mortgage.

We have technology at our core, but also have the most experience closing bulk lender loans and individual investor loans.

We have a countless years of experience of mortgage experience within our senior executive ranks.

We are arguably, one of the most professionally diverse teams to ever build an online mortgage business.


Why are you different?

Landlord Lenders is simply better for the borrower looking to expand its rental business.

You will finish their application in under 20 minutes. All of our application process can be done 100% online, with a personal concierge service on-call every step of the way.

Processing costs are less than 1/3 the industry average with savings passed directly on to the borrower. We go where banks can’t using proprietary information that delivers reliable financing to the traditionally underserved SFR investor. By leveraging our own technology and data we drive results.

We have built an end-to-end platform (application, consultation, insurance, etc) from the ground up that goes far beyond traditional credit and valuation analysis to ensure best-in-class loan performance.

We deliver a highly automated system efficiently that continually produces loan production in a fast, reliable, and consistent manner. We provide full access to a range of unique high-quality mortgage products.


Why would I get a loan from you?

Our qualification process is relative simple, fast, fully transparent, and all online.

To apply for a loan, signup here as a Sponsor to get started and let us show you how we can be a partner and help expand your rental business..

You will be asked a few qualification questions about your investment property opportunity.

It only takes about only a few minutes. From there we make it incredibly easy to finish a full application in approximately 20 minutes by answering a few more questions and uploading your documentation and signing a credit authorization form and if everything checks out, you will often be one of our many successful closing.


Who is and what type of entities can qualify as borrowers?

It will be required that all properties contained within the portfolio be owned and operated by a newly formed corporate entity such as a corporation or LLC.

Our attorneys are set up to streamline the closing loan documents and corporate entities by using a Delaware as an approved state of organizational documentation.

No loans are made to individual consumers or borrowers.

Are any reserves required to set up and maintain the loan?

Yes.  Monthly reserves will be mandated for taxes and insurance. (PITI) is a typical escrow account found in many traditional residential mortgages.  The determined reserves will be used to pay tax and insurance bills as they become due and paid directly by the servicer.  

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Landlord Lenders have brought together the best products, technology, operations, and data to build a next generation mortgage platform and lending product available to you…. The AMERICAN ENTREPRENEUR INVESTOR.